I hate September

I hate September, Green Day absolutely had it right ‘wake me up when September ends’, it’s such a frustrating month. After August several things happen and post birthday blues kicks in. Almost immediately my car insurance is up for renewal (boo hiss), then I hit a personal anniversary about the stroke. Then there are spiders everywhere, anything which has more than four legs is unnatural. The worse thing is daddy-long-legs season… Yuk… I should get shares in Raid. The evenings start to get colder in September, I’m no longer able to wear a nightie to bed I’m back in t-shirt and jogging bottoms – lucky boyf. Sometimes I even wear a chunky cardie to see me through the night, who am I kidding I’m already in full hot water bottle and hot chocolate mode.

And then, when I’m least expecting – like magic – it happens… X-factor starts to be become an addiction, Boots starts to promote flu remedies, the fall fashion is full of black, purple and gold, Paperchase is selling glitter and trees. It hits me like a wave – we’re now in the run up to Christmas. Christmas is my favourite time of year, not because of presents (although it helps), but because of the excuse to stop and reflect with your friends and family. You suddenly have an excuse to go out for a meal with an old friend, just because you need to catch up before the New Year. Or an excuse to go ice-skating and make a fool of yourself, accruing some extra bruises and loose some dignity. Or an excuse to see a choir singing beautiful carols which any other time of the year may be lame or a bit old fashioned. I have a large extended family and I love to make them Christmas presents, and with Pinterest there’s never an excuse not to make or create something. I’m already starting to plan what to make and for whom.

I know, I know. Keep calm and remember it’s only September. It’s only a hop, skip and jump away though.


4 responses to “I hate September

  1. Thank you for your comment on my blog. I get jealous of other people’s words sometimes as well, before and after the stroke! It means they have struck right to the heart of my emotions and I wish I had said it first. I’m jealous of you as well just reading some of your blog. Keep writing!

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