I’m not an idiot but I hate saying idioms (and proverbs!)…

I know, cheesy title but I do like a good pun. After the stroke I found I lost my idioms/proverbs (and any ability to remember lyrics while singing). Why is this?? It frustrates me so much to not be able to say them, now I’ll abbreviate, example ‘two birds, one stone’ instead of ‘kill two birds with one stone’. I think it’s easier to say and also to comprehend the literal meaning, rather than try and find the ‘hidden’ meaning. This is definitely why it can take me a while to understand a joke, usually to great amusement to my loved ones – I do try and find a sense of humour about it though.

A quick web search will show me the there are medical sites which reference that Aphasic people have no idioms and humour. My stroke was on the left hemisphere of my brain, which gave me speech and communication problems, as well as a terrible short term memory so maybe it’s quite obvious why I lost the ability to remember set quotes and phrases. Thank goodness there are smart phones and Evernote for a short term Aphasia fix!

Reading the wordpress about metaphors and similes, it just reminds me how much I like reading descriptive literature. I really must work on adding more metaphors and similes in my blogs (personal Aphasia challenge coming on). At work I write in fact only as it means I make less mistakes in emails. I work on short factual sentences, pepper (simile!!) in some commas regularly, all wrapped in a with full stops and a valediction box (simile no.2 – that was tiring!!).

What frustrates me is that people assume you have a low IQ purely because you can’t say an idiom or proverb, or you struggle to find a metaphor or simile. I KNOW WHAT IT IS I JUST CAN’T SAY IT, they’re just hiding like a hedgehog hibernating (metaphor – and a bad one as I doubt I’ll be any better in the spring but gosh damn it I’m trying!!).

Ok grammar rant over… (ha ha for now!)

Simile – 2
Metaphor – 1
Idioms – none, I web searched them!


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