The Queen coming for tea…

In my terribly English upbringing I was taught that every home should have a beautiful china set, just in case the Queen came to visit. So one of the first things I did when I bought my flat was to acquire a vintage Meakin ‘Realm Rose’ tea set on the pretense ‘just in case’. Politely, but rarely, the Queen pops past UK homes at her subjects requests, not gate-crashing I should add. But even if she did pop past unannounced would you turn her away? Even the anti-monarchists’ would have a few questions to ask, after all she’s part of our living history – respectfully I imagine she has a memory like an elephant!

Although it may not be the actual Queen coming, I’m sure we’ve all got those friends, or family, who encourage the pomp and ceremony upon their immediate arrival. Extra vacuuming, dusting and cleaning clutter away as that ‘just in case’ person really is coming past. And that’s where my darling boyfriend and I are at the moment; this weekend is to be busy full of cleaning, unpacking boxes and valeting the car as we pick up his Dad from the airport next week. D’s Dad lives in the Caribbean, and after seven years of excessive heat he’s coming back to the UK, which will be wonderful even though the climate may be a shock. Seeing with D with is Dad is amazing, it’s like the missing piece click into the whole family puzzle – two peas in a pod.

I first met D’s Dad earlier in the year as we went out to the Caribbean and stayed with them. Obviously I was petrified, Aphasia exacerbated by nerves, but I’m sure any normal person would have been scared. Clearly I took my terribly English pomp and ceremony on holiday with me, got laughed at for wanting an actual cup of tea and a ’99 by the beach, and then in a very innocent moment we managed to break to king size bed. Fingers crossed we do better this time.

(Shhh… Don’t the Queen about bed, not sure she’d understand!)


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