The great jelly tot influenza of 2012

Sat in a darkened room she had her suspicions about the culprit. Flaked skin on her nose, curtains drawn, her eye lids sunk into unconscious. The room was a heady smell of menthol and sweat, the sheet clung to her skin as she coughed for the umpteenth time.

A shrill sound broke the silence, where did it come from?

She peeled her eyes open to see a carpet of tissues on the bed, as the shrill sound happened again she drove her hand into the pile, wet and warm from use. She retrieved her mobile phone and opened the file.

“Mr Sykes shared his jelly tots with Becky and Kate, Kate went for lunch with Tim.”

As the penny dropped she shuddered with fever and fear from the contagion. Tim was her line manager, they sat only a metre away, she had always thought he was the culprit. Given the fact she hadn’t even eaten a tot, she had underestimated the power they could wipe out the departmental floor.

She curled up writhing in sinus pain. Shaking her head she pulled out another tissue and went to to blow. No man would understand that “man flu” on a woman could be fatal.

Note to self: Mr Sykes owes me sweets!


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