Patience is a virtue

Patience is a virtue indeed, when you are bombarded by people asking questions all day life gets a little repetitive.

When did people stop thinking about common sense before they ask a question?

Yes, you have to do a different expenses form for each project. No, please put the crew and kit in a taxi, if you get a bus the kit’s likely to get damaged and we’re a risk assessment away from being sued – can you imagine the insurance conversation?! No, I won’t pay for you to have lunch at an expensive restaurant (which will put you over your allowance) no I don’t care it was raining, however you can buy an umbrella and go to your usual coffee shop. No, I don’t care if you use your lunch allowance to buy £10 worth of Krispy Kremes instead of ‘lunch’, just get a receipt and don’t waste filming time throwing up. No, I don’t sh*t receipts when you lose a receipt, be resourceful and find another one – you get paid enough. Yes, I’ll congratulate you when you’ve completed a task, even though it’s your job. I’ll even give you tea and sympathy, even though I’m not sure you really deserve it.

Oh yes, it’s been one of ‘those’ days.

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