Random Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar 2012

I was trying to think about some festive cheer to my fellow colleagues today. I already force a Secret Santa and a Christmas themed photography competition on them. Then I had a brainwave a ‘Random Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar’ for our room.

After thinking about this on the train I think this should be cards, in a sealed envelope, that should be opened at a set time. They should be very low cost, if not free, and the kindness should be re-directed to our fellow work colleagues. As there are five of us in the room we shouldn’t be kind to each other, rather the kindness should be cross-departmental.

Random Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar 2012
1) Mon 3rd – Give a hug
2) Tues 4th – Help someone else
3) Wed 5th – Offer to make someone else a cup of tea or coffee
4) Thurs 6th – Hold the door open for someone
5) Fri 7th – Praise someone about their hair
6) Mon 10th – Pat someone’s back to congratulate them
7) Tues 11th – Send an email of praise to someone who deserves it
8) Wed 12th – Complain less
9) Thurs 13th – Pick up rubbish in the building and beautify your surroundings
10) Fri 14th – Give high-fives
11) Mon 17th – Be generous with compliments
12) Tues 18th -Help someone for free
13) Wed 19th – Make someone laugh
14) Thurs 20th – Compliment someone about their outfit
15) Fri 21st – Clean up after yourself!

It’s a advent thought in process, I’ll let you know how it ends!


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