Aphasia and Photography

I had the pleasure of going to my local festivities to watch switching-on the Christmas lights last week, and thought it would be a really good opportunity to practise night shots on my dslr. My boyfriend kindly sheltered me from the crowds while I was wondering with my monopod. I worry sometimes he’ll find it frustrating as I can get a bit self-involved, but he seemed happy with some roasted chestnuts and warm cider. I’m not very good with crowds, but the determination to take some awesome pictures was a good motivation – plus having D with me is always comforting.

I love taking photos, after the stroke my Aphasia was really bad. Photography was a great hobby as it means you don’t have to be talking and making small talk, instead you can be anti-social and wonder off and take ‘arty’ shots. It’s peaceful, something I can do in my own time. Getting around the massive crowd was being me being very brave. I get frustrating understanding post-production on Elements. Aphasia is a learning disability and it challenges cognitive processes, I’m really stubborn with it as well, determined to work it out myself.

I’m really happy to be practising night shots a bit more, we’ve got a Christmas photography competition and I’d love to take some night shots around London. If I tell you, then I have to get my bum into gear and do it… watch this space!


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