Aphasia, fatigue and sleep

Fatigue is a cruel mistress. After the stroke, I was able to sleep 12 hours a night and have a 4 hour lunch time nap – I’ve been told that’s commonplace for a brain injury.

But fatigue isn’t just ‘feeling sleepy’ and that is where people need to understand Aphasia a bit better. Fatigue is overwhelming, it can creep up on you, and when it hits it means I struggle to understand cognitive processes. I struggle to speak and hear, in fact I’m pretty useless – 6 years later!!

My fear is when I go out with my friends and they put on background music, or suggest a late night game of Articulate… I can rarely understand the questions, let alone reply. And the FRUSTRATING thing is that people think it’s because you have a low IQ, which isn’t the case, give a 9am game of Articulate and I’m there!! It’s like the fatigue is knocking on my shoulder reminding me my life has changed, I must sleep, I must re-charge.

I always have a fresh coffee in the morning to kick my brain in action, I had to tell one very energetic Producer to not be so peppy before I’ve had coffee. Speedy chat is never my favourite thing anyway. I’m enjoying the benefit of green tea, Twinnings have just introduced a lovely Mango one, so maybe that will help.

I’ve given up hoping that the fatigue will subside, I just go with it these days.


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