Conclusion of National Post Blogging Month #NaPoBloMo

It feels like it’s been a really long month. Strangely it’s like being on a blogging detox, maybe that’s the point? You go through all the pain but hopefully there will be lots of rewards, so what have I learnt?

– I’ve learnt that the creative part of my brain which I thought was dormant, is actually awake, it just needed a kick start. So thanks @mugofdecaf!

– I’ve learnt a bit more about how to manage my Aphasia. Just self checking my grammar, and not to worry about starting a blog and finish it later.

– I’ve learnt ideas breed more ideas, I actually have a list of topic ideas for when I have time to write them. It’s nice to be out and about thinking ‘that would be a great blog’… It’s nice to generate ideas.

– I’ve learnt I love Evernote, a piece of software/app which transfers the same document. I open Evernote an write on my iPhone and sync, I then go to my PC to Evernote and I finish my document… I can even tag my documents so I can find stuff again! Love it. Evernote has given me a big more time as it’s quicker to use while commuting. Simple and efficient.

– I’ve learnt a lot about WordPress technically, I still want to learn so much more but maybe that’s the fun of a new project – finding out about stuff!

– I’ve learnt to be just be me in a blogging sphere. It’s a nice safe cyber world being hidden away.

But bloody hell it’s tiring, why didn’t you tell me? I won’t lie I’m in need on a little writing break, problem is I think I’m addicted to this blogging lark!

P.S I know I’m a day early, however tomorrow is reserved for shaving my boyfriend’s Mo [insert evil laugh here]!



2 responses to “Conclusion of National Post Blogging Month #NaPoBloMo

  1. I’m so pleased your creative spark has been ignited. You’ve written some brilliant blogs and I have really enjoyed reading them. I’m sorry I haven’t put my all into it this year, but hopefully tonight’s post and tomorrow’s will see me finish on a good blogging note. I look forward to reading much more of your writing, just no pressure for everyday now! xx

  2. And you’ll have to teach me about the technical WordPress stuff, I just login and write! Could do with an update on appearance 🙂

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