And in a blink of an eye December has gone…

It suddenly occured to me that I haven’t blogged for a WHOLE 6 weeks. What has happened? Basically between making, buying and wrapping presents, my boyfriend got the keys to his new flat. Which is very exciting, even if a little grown up for the festive season. It’s a beautiful Victorian maisonette, he has the top half, a half of the garden, a driveway, and his own fireplace which is handy (currently lots of snow in the UK). Obviously within 3 days he had problems, namely with the flat’s plumbing – not his plumbing – which made people laugh at the pub the other day! A dripping shower, turned into a dripping toilet with no overflow, to a dripping stop cock, and at the last we had to call the water board and get them to turn the water off from the road until it could stop. All a bit dramatic between Christmas and New Year!

We had a flurry of activity as his family we due for New Year, but both us and the flat survived. in fact it coped very well with us all. D got a home brewing kit from his brother so his bedroom has some odd bubbling yeast thing in the corner, but I’m assured it will turn into alcohol.

We’ve been ice skating, to the ice bar and the Panto in Woking with Ashley and Pudsey (from Britain’s Got Talent). The Panto was brilliant, I haven’t laughed like that in ages.

Gosh it doesn’t sound like a lot, but it was, I promise!

When is the next holiday?


Christmas 2012


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