How to make decoupage tile coasters…

Every year I decide to make my family homemade gifts because I enjoy making things. My gift for Christmas 2012 was to make decoupage tile coasters. A year ago I had no idea what decoupage was, until I found Pinterest. But for those who don’t know decoupage it’s akin to an arty version of Papier-mâché.

For this you will need:

  • Tiles – I found 25 tiles for around £8 in B&Q, these tiles were white and didn’t have a smooth surface.
  • Mod Podge – This is an American brand which is both glue and varnish, I couldn’t find a UK version so ordered from Ebay, which at the time was cheaper than Amazon.
  • Varnish – any non-yellowing varnish is good.
  • Sponge wedge / Paint brush – for glueing and varnishing
  • Paper – to print out your pictures
  • Scissors – to cut out your pictures
  • Cork – I bought cork tiles from Wickes and cut them to the size of the coaster
  • Super glue – I used super glue to fix the cork to the bottom of the tile.

So after finding my pictures, I put them into photoshop, make them black and white, and cut them into the right size. I measured the tile and knew which size to cut my pictures. This was a subjective process by what I think looked suitable.

Make photo black and white 2

After that I saved them as JPGs and saved all pictures on a word document so I could cut the out.

Cut out pictures

Once I had cut them out, I glued my title with Mod Podge. I found using a sponge brush was the quickest for this.

Mod Podge pictures

Then I carefully put on a picture and gently rubbed the air pockets out.

Rub on picture

The next big is important, let it dry properly between every layer. I found if I didn’t I got wrinkles!! Once it dried I put another two layers of Mod Podge, I let it dry between every layer.

Varnish them

Once done I used regular non-yellowing varnish to put on 2/3 layers on top. Actually it was the same varnish I used in ‘How to paint pebbles…’. It may have been over kill but at least I knew my coaster would resist water marks! In putting on lots of layers I also found to couldn’t feel the edge of the paper.

Cut out cork

Once it had dried I got my (wonderful) other half to cut out the cork. I then used super glue to fix them on on to the back.

Finished coasters

I’ve had a wonderful response from my family, they seemed to really like them, which is good. Phew!


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