Dancing in the rain…

I love living in Britain, obviously I get frustrated at points. But generally life being a pommy is great. We get seasons, from snow to Indian summers. I’ve always loved the rain, it’s cleansing and methodical tinkering on the window. Drip… drop… it slides down the window and I’m never quite sure which way that one singular drop will end. The rain could last a day, or a month, and every drop is giving us water to drink, or to water or plants for our gardens, or fields, or to water our animals. And if you’re really lucky, after all that rain finally stops, the sun may pop it’s head out the cloud and give you a rainbow. I know it’s refracted light, but it’s so beautiful – simple and effective just as mother nature intended.

When I was a child I watched ‘Singing in the Rain‘ and I fell in love, love with the humour and the old fashion Hollywood glamour. The fact people really did just burst into song decades before Glee arrived on our screens. And, of course, the most famous scene of them all Gene Kelly dancing in the rain, jumping in puddles and splashing the policeman. And I fall in love with every homage, Morecambe and Wise, Paddington Bear and the glee mash-up. What is it about that scene which makes a classic? The song? The star persona of Gene Kelly? The old fashioned dancing? Have you ever considered it’s actually the rain itself?

Whenever I’m outside in the rain and I open my brolly I imagine I’m Gene Kelly. I am the crazy unhinged lady signing the theme, desperately trying to not dance my cares away. It turns out if you smile outside when it’s raining people give you a really funny look. Who knew?! You should give it a go.

One of my favourite quote’s is “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain”. Is sums up how I feel about bad things. Life has throw me some humdingers over the last decade, but maybe if I can just keep dancing I can survive. Simple things will always make me happy otherwise what’s the point?

Have I changed your mind? Maybe the next time you moan about the rain you’ll remember this post and re-think?? Maybe, just maybe I’ve convinced you?

Night Umbrellas by Leonid Afremov

This wonderful art is Night Umbrellas by Leonid Afremov


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