Barn dance, music festival ‘Shabby Chic’ wedding fever…

Gosh it’s been a crazy few months, and I’m sure I’ll get round to explaining how crazy life has been, but for now I wanted to share some amazing pictures of my Cousin’s Wedding.
A lovely wedding in a barn, complete with hay and lovely old style.
It was music festival themed, camping in the field next door (which is tough for those who don’t do camping!) with portaloos Ekk! Saying that they were pretty fancy, flushing and water included!
Anyway, there was a lovely decorated marquee.
With a gorgeous chandelier in the middle.
I do love a good set of china, so was delighted to see some lovely trios.
And for those who know me will know I also love my bourbon biscuits!! (Happy Amy)
With some lovely outdoor games and places to sit down.
With fireworks and a large bonfire to keep everyone warm is was such a great event with dancing until late.
Anyway hopefully these pictures can inspire someone.

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