I’m a 30-year-old stroke victim (Sept 06), I’ve progressed from acute, to mild Aphasia. I love social media, films and television, I love my friends and family, and I love the fact I’m alive!

I’m writing this blog for three reasons:

1)  To practise my writing, something I enjoyed before the stroke. I was devastated I couldn’t read and write. It’s taking me 6 hours to write a blog and check for mistakes, I’m taking it like a mental exercise in the hope my brain keeps expanding.
2)  During the last 6 years I’ve found some ways around Aphasic situations, and I should be sharing them. Life gets better. It a slow road, maybe I can tell you about it.
3)  Oh… you know… I’m a girl… I talk too much!

Okey so that’s it! Come and sit with me a while…


3 responses to “About

    • Ah… Whimsical blogs are my favourite, and my first cyber hug by a real ‘Mr’ is amazing… I’m drinking hot chocolate at the moment so it’s like a real hug in a mug!

  1. All power and much respect to you missus, am in awe that you are blogging after all you have been through!

    Thanks for the follow too, look forward to sharing more in future!

    SS x

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